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  Preparing Your Files  

      PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have a Colour Management system on the computer you use (i.e. a monitor that is calibrated correctly), then it is very difficult to see what the print actually looks like and the printed result may not be what you expected compared to our Eizo Monitors which are calibrated perfectly matching up with the printed edition! Also, to upload anything to our server you will need to be logged in as a Client (this area is currently under construction)
    If you are to upload your image file(s) to our server, they need to be completely "Print Ready". Please take note of the following criterion:
  • Your image file needs to be sized at the correct finished size (mm/inches).
  • You also need to make sure your file is no less than 240 PPI (pixels per inch). We recommend between 300 PPI and 360 PPI for optimum use within our system (under Image/Image Size... then Resolution or by using onOne software called Perfect Resize version 9 which builds your file to the size and resolution you require. We highly recommend this software as it is the industry standard for resizing artworks - it used to be called Genuine Fractals).
  • If you have specific border sizes please include these in the total area size of your file to be uploaded (under Image/Canvas Size...).
    If you are unsure how to accomplish the above criterion or you don't have the appropriate software then we can setup the layout for you at $15.00 per image file. In the compressed (zipped up) file you submit, please include precise instructions as to whitespace requirements, dimensions etc. for us to work by.
    For complicated layouts, the charges will be $20 per every 15 minutes (Minimum 15 minutes).
    On our Pricing page you can download any one of our TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) file templates to work with.
    Please stay within the printable area (inside the PhotoShop light blue guides) as shown in the example below for both paper and for canvas layouts.
    Default Paper Layout
    Default Canvas Layout
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