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  Archival Storage Print Service  

We will store and archive your Master File(s) and print as you need them (In other words - Print on demand). We will also provide you with a copy of the Master File(s) as they are finished being proofed on our end. We have extremely large NAS storage systems with RAID and we backup to a different location geographically to ensure the file(s) are safe and sound, in the case of a computer meltdown, hard drive failure, natural disaster etc.

Order of Events:

Capture a high quality digital file of your artworks. Please review our Scanning-and-Photography webpage...

Once you have your digital file you can either FTP the file(s) to us or put them on a CD/DVD or on a USB memory stick (flash drive) and courier it to us at the following address - Our Location

We will then apply Basic Correction and produce a proof with a complete fine art rendition and a section printed at 100% for your approval revealing detail.

Upon the Print Proof being approved, we are set to engage in printing your edition(s) These proofs cost $20.00 a piece and we highly recommend you purchase these proofs because you will know what you are going to end up with. After all, you don't want to print a large quantity of prints just to find out that there is something not quite right with the colour or size etc!

We do NOT have a minimum order although there is a price break of 15% discount on quantities of 10 or more of the same print at the same size.

Edition Completion

When the number of prints in a limited edition run has been completed, we then destroy all copies of the master file used for that edition and you will be the only one left with a copy of this file! (the file we gave you a copy of after proofing was completed)

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